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Havana from the heights

Havana is a city that surprises on the street-level, but we suggest you see it from abovetoo, a great option to grasp an idea of ​​its size and its landscape. In this post we recommend some places (although there are many more) to see Havana from the sky and from another perspective.


1 Gómez Vila building

In this building, in the heart of Old Havana, visitors can find the Camera Obscura, donated by the city of Cadiz to Havana, from which you can see everything that happens in the city. It is a equipped with a set of lenses and mirror showing a concave screen, with sharp and colorful, life set in the oldest part of Havana and all of its architectural wealth.

After this visit you can access the terrace of the building and enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the oldest part of the city.

Hours 8:30 to 17:30 h.


2. Tower of the Cathedral

Another view of Old Havana from the sky is provided by the Tower of the Cathedral of San Cristobal, described by Alejo Carpentier as "music in stone". It is worth visiting the Cathedral, located in the square of the same name in the heart of Old Havana, and discover its baroque fachade and classic interior and relatively austerity. For the price of 1 CUC one can access one of the towers through a narrow staircase, and contemplate another panoramic view stretching from the square itself to the sea.


3. Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro

Conceived as a Renaissance fortress, this castle was built to protect the city from pirates and enemy ships. Its famous lighthouse, which you can ascend, offers stunning views of the bay and the city. El Morro also has a Maritime Museum also worth visiting.

From 9 to 17h


4. Castillo de la Real Fuerza.

Near the Plaza de Armas, it is the oldest fortress in the Americas. Houses the Museum of Navigation, which hosts exhibitions on the history of the fort and the historic center of Havana, and its connections to the old Spanish empire. From here you can climb up to the deck to enjoy a beautiful view of Havana and Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro.


5. Building Focsa

This giant 39-story modernist building, built in 1956 in just two years, has a luxuroius viewpoint of El Vedado neighborhood, as well as much of the city. It is considered one of the seven wonders of Cuban civil engineering from the new technology used at the time. Visiting this building is free and it also has restaurant.