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Havana from the heights

Havana is a city that surprises on the street-level, but we suggest you see it from abovetoo, a great option to grasp an idea of ​​its size and its landscape. In this post we recommend some places (although there are many more) to see Havana from the sky and from another perspective.


Trips around Cuba: Viñales Valley

A little more than a two hour drive away from Havana is the National Park Viñales Valley, a must destination to discover the variety of landscapes that Cuba has to offer. Delving into its lush nature and witnessing its ‘mogotes’ - rounded hillocks and mountains richly covered by vegetation in exuberant green tones - is an experience not to be missed.


Five reasons to travel to Havana

Traveling to Havana means going to a unique, fascinating and charming city - and leaving in the background all its imperfections. To experience walking through its historic streets is like visiting the past. An incredible city full of increasingly interesting leisure plans. Here are a few reasons to know it.



It's summer in La Llave del Golfo

It's summer in Cuba this is one of the best times to visit Havana for many travelers. La Llave del Golfo,  located in Santos Suarez, one of the most historic districts of the city, presents itself as the ideal for any visitor seeking to know the real Havana, its neighborhoods, its lifestyle and its people.




La Llave del Golfo opens its doors

In the historic distric of Santos Suárez, a new Bed&Breakfast opens its doors. La Llave del Golfo is a centenary, completely refurbished republican-style house ideal for those travelers who are seeking Havana's oldest and most authentic flavor. It is located just minutes away from downtown, in a residential and little-explored neighborhood, which highlights in stunning republican-style houses. 

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